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Ear Dryer
Donna blaustein
Best for Ears

I wear Hearing aids, and this is perfect to dry my ears before I put my Hearing aids in. Absolutely a must so I don't get water trapped behind my Hearing Aids .

Ear Pieces
April Corner
Love the Whisper Ear Dryer

Dries my ears quick after I shower so I can put my hearing aids back in fast. I also love the red light therapy such a nice added feature.

Ear Dryer
Mark Leopold
New purchaser

So new to me, but so far very happy!

Ear Dryer
Bruce Wills
So far, so good

I bought this ear dryer for use on extended SCUBA trips when doing up to five dives per day for as many as 10 days in a row. This activity can be very taxing on the ears. Infections and pain are commonplace. I'm hoping the Whisper Ear will alleviate much or all of these negative impacts. Stay tuned and I'll keep you updated.

Ear Dryer
Michael Tavel
Excellent Product

I suffer from Swimmers Ear due to excessive scuba dives. Your product has given me relief from the pain.

Ear Dryer
Richard F.
Works great!

I have small ear canals, so water gets trapped easily and I get an occasional ear infection. Was using a hairdryer before this. This thing is quiet and effective. I have not used the infrared light option yet. It will make a beeping sound at an odd time, not sure why but am sure there is a reason. Would recommend buying.

Ear Dryer
Victoria L.
Does not dry up fluid behind the eardrum

Not effective for fluid behind eardrum.

Ear Dryer
This is a efficient ear dryer with infra-red LED.

Went scuba diving with all the family for 10 days, in the past someone always got an ear infection, not this year, we used this machine together with swim ear and the difference was astounding. Also buy some swim-ear drops. Use the drops before drying the ear. Feels so nice and warm after use. Get it, that's all there is to it!

Ear Dryer
This will dry yours ears

Being portable, rechargeable and works well,what else do you want....

Ear Dryer
D. Anderson
Works great!

I haven't had any infections since I started using this after swimming and showering.

Ear Dryer
Cured my daughter’s swimmer’s ear QUICK

This was worth every penny and cured my daughter’s swimmer’s ear. She was crying in pain all throughout the night, I had this overnighted and she was better and better each use. Was back to 100% by 5pm. Def glad we have this in our tool box now that I know how easily water gets in her ears after swimming. I tried it on myself it’s definitely quiet and the right around amount of airflow. It’s warm air and quite calming, I also like the red light therapy feature. Sometimes after showers, I’ll use this on myself. You can feel a nice dried out difference in just a minute of using it. 10/10, worth the $!!

Ear Dryer
Great for SCUBA!

Usually when we plan a SCUBA trip, my ears feel uncomfortable after a few days of diving, like there is water trapped inside. I think this little device is a total game changer!Having the ability to completely and thoroughly dry out my ears in between each dive is wonderful! After a week of diving in Fiji, my ears felt so much better than usual, all thanks to regular use of this dryer in between each dive! One extra thing we did was use Ear Pro drops before each dive as well to minimize water intrusion.We each liked the ear dryer so much that I picked up a second one after our trip, to use on an upcoming liveaboard. No more competing over who gets to dry their ears first!Some of my favorite features:- very quiet operation- feels soothing- easy to use interface- USB-C charging, awesome!- small and lightweight enough to earn a spot in the bag without hesitationSomething I was curious about:- the 4 ear pieces are the same shape and size, in spite of the different colors. The colors do not mean anything. I confirmed this with the manufacturer after reading that they were different sizes in the reviews but not being able to see or feel a difference. There is no difference.My least favorite feature:- the beep! For something that goes in your ear, I find the beep that alerts you to the device turning on or to the fact that you should switch ears to be too loud. I contacted the manufacturer and found that a new quieter version will be released soon. That’s great news!Very minor suggestion: perhaps consider allowing users to choose between 1 and 5 minutes per ear or something similar. I think usually the recommendation is 4 minutes per ear for scuba, but the default timer is 3 minutes per ear. If I used this after a shower I think 1 minute would be enough but again the only option is 3.Another suggestion: instead of a beep, maybe consider a vibration to the hand holding area? That way people of all levels of hearing sensitivities will know it’s time for a change!

Ear Dryer
Kenny B.

If you have a problem with swimmers ear, you need to get this. For years I have searched for the best ear drops, best ear plugs and even swimming head bands to prevent getting ear aches after swimming alot. I decided to give this a try and it has been a game changer. This dries up any water in the ear right away. I have not needed ear drops at all since using this. In addition, this is very good quality. It's rechargeable, comfortable, lightweight and quiet and the heated tip feels good to the ear. I HIGHLY recommend if you have any problem with swimmer's ear.


Rechargeable, light weight, heats up fast, easy to use. Love it.

Ear Dryer
Works great

This ear dryer actually works really well. I do not usually have issues with water in my ears, but sometimes I get stuck in water from the pool. This is easy to use and really is able to accelerate drying my ear out to get that sloshing water feeling gone quicker.

Ear Dryer
Taylor Shoo
Amazing! Recommend for scuba divers with sensitive ears.

 This is the best money I’ve ever spent towards my scuba diving gear, yes, I’m serious about that. I’ve been scuba diving for more than 10 years now and the older I get the more issues I have I have problems with equalizing I have problems with my ears getting sore and the more Diving I do the more sore they get so I read that using Warm heat in your ear canal after Diving said to use a hairdryer for about four minutes and that that could help so I saw there’s an Amazon and that way I’m gonna try it. I just returned from a diving trip and I truly believe that this helped keep my ears more healthy during the week. I love that it has the infrared because I think that helps with the healing. I was actually able to dive for a full week .

Ear Dryer
Margaret Spears
Convenient, easy ear care.

I got this ear dryer due to constantly having water in my ears after showers or swimming. I used to have to lay on each side and wait for the water to drain from each ear after showers — sometimes for a few minutes per side — and even then I’d still have to use a q-tip to finish drying my ears.The Whisper Ear Dryer is a quiet, fast way to dry my ears so that I don’t feel like I’m still underwater. I use it nearly every day. It holds a charge for a long time, is quick to recharge, and does the job better and safer than a q-tip. I’ve already recommended it to friends and family. Great buy.

Ear Dryer
Kevin Patrick McCarthy
Beautiful, simple design and clearly built to last

Beautiful, simple design and clearly built to last. Works great. The infrared is a real bonus -- very soothing. It looks a bit like the futuristic syringes Dr. Crusher uses on Star Trek: TNG. Highly recommended.

easy to use, comfortable and soothing. AND it works!

I have a hole in my eardrum so whenever i would get water in it, I would have to use a blow dryer to dry out my ear. if that didnt work, i would have to put drops in my ears for 10 days so that i wouldnt get an ear infection.This Whisper ear dryer is a game changer for me. It is light weight, classy and very easy to use. I dont know if the red light really promotes healing, although the warm air is comfortable (not too hot-and i have sensitive ears) and soothing and helps my ears dry quickly and efficiently. I have never gotten dizzy or felt uncomfortable using the whisper. whoever made this, i want to whisper sweet nothings in their ears!

Ear Dryer
Broke after 2 weeks of using and of course my refund window just expired. total waste of money.

Product stopped working after 2 weeks.

Ear Dryer
Nicholas Breinich
Made me incredibly dizzy

This made me immediately very dizzy after using. Beware.

Ear Dryer
AKA Adams
Easy to use

I was kind of skeptical at first, but as my family members seem to get a lot of ear infections during spring/summer season I thought we would try this. It is lightweight and easy to use, at first it feels kind of weird, but it works and so far no one has had any ear issues from the pool or lake.

Gentle ear drying device for little ones

This device is a ear drying device that helps dry the little ones ears without irritation. By using this device, it helps prevent my little one from getting constant ear infection. The device is very quiet and works to blow warm air into the ear to quickly dry it. This is the product to use if your little one constantly gets ear infection.

Ear Dryer
Danika L.
Better than Mack’s

I was using the Mack’s ear dryer for a while to deal with water in my ears and the resulting infections. It was okay but the Whisper works much better. Rechargeable battery is obviously a big improvement over Mack’s… what kind of product uses AA batteries these days anyways? But the main thing is that the Whisper has better airflow than Mack’s and seems to dry my ears much more effectively. Oh, and Whisper is way smaller and lighter, it can just slide right into my purse and I forget about it. I would definitely recommend Whisper, it’s the best ear dryer ever!

Ear Dryer
Fast and easy way to dry ear canal

This ear dryer quickly and effortlessly dries out my ear canals and the red light therapy helps to promote healing. It is lightweight, weighing only 2.8 ounces. It comes with a USB-C charging cord, 3 extra removable ear pieces, and a drawstring storage bag. The USB-C charging port is covered by an attached waterproof cover. It stands 4 3/4” tall and is 1 1/4” in diameter. It is a good size for holding in my hand and the rubberized grip keeps it from slipping.The power button is easily accessed with a finger while using, but is far enough up the grip that I don't accidentally push the button. A long press on the power button turns on a gentle stream of body-temperature air. A short press while on activates the 650nm red light therapy. You have to use the air function to use the red light therapy function. I wish they had given the option for red light therapy only. A short press while the unit is off illuminates lights on the front which indicate remaining battery charge. The internal 700 mAh battery holds a charge through many uses.The instructions are clearly written and easy to understand even though the instruction sheet is 1/3 of a sheet of paper with small print. The ear pieces are pressure fit yet stay in place firmly and are simple to change. It has a timer which beeps at 3 minutes to prompt you to switch ears, and it automatically turns off at 6 minutes. It dries my ears much more quickly than this, but it is nice to have the automatic timer function when using the red light therapy. The air pump is not loud and it does not cause me any discomfort while using. It seems to more effectively dry my ears than a cotton swab. It is well made and comes with a 1 year warranty.